Who Remembers CITY TV's Baby Blue Movies, the first VJ's and Speakers Corner?

by David Crighton August 22, 2014

CITY TV #2, Speakers CornerCityTV 2 

Crightonism: I certainly remember tuning in to City TV for the Baby Blue movies. Years later when I drew the first of my three versions of the station (Queen Street East) I went down there to show the art to one of the producers who thought it needed some changes. At that time the owner Moses Znaimer happened to walk by and had a look which inspired him to say "This fellow is the artist, if that's the way he sees our facade, that's the way it stays" and that's the artwork you see here. Many of these prints went to employees who moved on the other jobs in the media. John Roberts went eventually to CNN and his print is hanging in his office in Atlanta.

 CItyTV Building via Hanifworld  CItyTV Building via BlogTO
The Facts: The licence to broadcast was granted to CityTV on November 25,1971. Their first broadcast was on September 28,1972. The original location of CityTV was 99 Queen Street, but after the ownership fell into debt CHUM limited acquired the station and moved its headquarters in 1987 to its iconic location 299 Queen Street.  The building was then known as the CHUM-City building.  In 2006 CHUM Limited announced it had plans to sell its broadcasting assets to CTV global media. The acquisition was completed by October, 2007.The iconic location 299 Queen Street is now owned by Bell Media.  Bell Media acquired the historic location when it acquired CTV and CHUM limited in 2011.  Today, CityTV is referred to simply as "CITY" after  phasing out the "TV" part of the name in 2012.   It is now located at 33 Dundas Street East.



Pam's Memory:  I worked in the film business when CITY was here - Queen near Jarvis - and I used to walk news reels over to Gord Martineau. CITY then moved to the Queen near Spadina location that it occupied until recently. My boyfriend at the time, a video artist,  had a studio there until he was evicted for when CITY TV moved in. A Space and General Idea were also in that building.

Remember Much Music and  The New Music  the first VJ's in Canada - Denise Donlan, Laurie Brown, Jeanne Beker and Daniel Richler (Mordecai's son).  Denise went on to lead CBC, Laurie has had a very successful career as a music journalist ( and she also turned up in a meditation class I started going to in 2004  where we became friends and devoted meditators!).  

I think JD (John) Roberts (who David refers to above and who went on to be a reporter on CNN )got his start as a VJ's or at least as a newsman along with Gord Martineau






David Crighton
David Crighton


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