You have been fast and efficient. Very impressed.  M. J. Ellis, Nov 2017

 Everything was great, prompt shipping and customer satisfaction.  Linda Feeney  Nov 7, 2017 


My shopping experience was fantastic, and the customer service I received from Pamela was exceptional! I had thought my order was lost in the mail (it turned up THAT afternoon), but upon emailing Pam, she was ready to send a new order that day! Truly unheard of exceptional customer service. Kevin Long    Nov 7, 2017







Thank you very kindly Pamela.  The cards have arrived and I am just waiting on the puzzle.

I have enjoyed David's work since my childhood when my parents would hang his illustrations of Toronto homes on our walls.  He used to show his work at "Art in the Park" at Willistead Park in Windsor, Ontario which is where my parents first started collecting his illustrations.  My father worked with stained glass and appreciated David's earlier works in which the only colour on each numbered print was applied to a single stained glass window. My parents have since gifted me with a number of David's works, including Hart House when I graduated with my Master's degree from the University of Toronto and a series of his earlier Toronto homes pieces when I briefly moved away from Toronto and was missing this tremendous city.  I believe David captures the unique character of Toronto in his works and look forward to collecting more in the years ahead.

~ Mike O'Rourke

December 20, 2016


Like cityscapes...
Fan of Davids work when I first saw it
at City Hall 20 yrs ago.
Recent purchase framed and in my living room.
Next purchase will be larger size.
Title: My Toronto Crop Top made heads turn
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Dorinda Chang (Dorinda@mmslawyers.com)

“ I just love the Toronto “crop top” . I was wearing the top yesterday to a couple of my social events. Very fashionable and attracted lots of interest amongst my friends. Definitely a conversation piece for those of my friends who remember places like Sam the Record man etc. Thank you. “

~ Dorinda Chang
My Toronto Crop Top Made Heads Turn
I recently purchased a print of one of David’s fantastic works of art. It was to be a birthday gift for my girlfriend and happened to be a rendering of one of her favourite bars in Toronto. Not only did this piece have significance to us as Torontonians (as so much of David’s work does) but David also took the time to personalize the piece with a few creative additions. The gift was a huge hit of course!
David has also done some commissioned work for me in the past. I am a firefighter in Toronto and David has created some very exciting artwork of some of our city’s local firehalls for me. His ability to capture the spirit of a building and neighbourhood on paper is truly unique and fantastic. His artwork now hangs in those firehalls and in the homes of the firemen and women that work in those halls.
David and Pam have been nothing short of a delight to work with on these projects.
David’s knowledge of Toronto and her neighbourhoods is immediately obvious in his work and should be intriguing to anybody with an interest in our city. His fun, colourful, vibrant artwork speaks for itself and is a reflection of the character of this classic Toronto artist."
~ Dave Roynon, March 6, 2016

Hi Pam and David –
Adam and I gave the print to our friend on Saturday, and her soon-to-be husband and they loved it! Here is the picture.
Thank you so much for all your help with the print and for personalizing it. It is such a perfect (and special) gift.
We look forward to purchasing more from you!
Leah, 2016

"...and just look at you now!!! Thank you David for your creativeness and awesome works of very familiar places. Born and raised in Toronto I am very proud of where I came from."  Barb Misener, 2016

El Mocambo, Toronto by David Crighton

New to the site, my name is Rico from Cincinnati, Ohio United States of America. I Just found 3 signed, numbered earlier prints (El Motambo Tavern, Maple Leaf Hall & Massey Hall). I called the number on David’s site and spoke to a very nice lady I believe her name was Pam who told me that they were from his earlier work. I noticed that each piece was slightly different from his current prints of the same venues. I could not be more excited, I love the detailed work, and they look awesome on display in my home.
Rico Booker,
Cincinnati, Ohio
Feb, 2016

Consider My Art for Corporate Events, Retirement and Recognition and Achievement Awards

Hello, I personally love your Art and dig the availability to the 'corporate environment' especially because you love and promote the City/Town locale, and the vibrancy, in colour and daily life in a Vibrant City......sharing hoping my 'online world' "corporate" peeps and others, can view and be inspired to incorporate into their gift giving and award giving environment. Janine Liboiron

"Received my prints yesterday and they are wonderful!! Thank you Pamela for such great customer service it is very comforting to know there are still people out there that care about customer relations, you went above and beyond! Thank you."
~ Karen L.McFadden

 Kensinton Avenue, Toronto by Illustrator David Crighton

 In response to Kensington Ave Art Fair Promo
This is Brilliant...I LOve it…  FB Fan Linda Colley  
gorgeous..i love this - FB  Donna Hutchens
Massey Hall, Toronto by David Crighton
I love this print so much I have two...Massey Halls.  this particular one I have appearing tonight Gordon Lightfoot on the marqee and the other has Harry Connick  FB FAN Shelley MacEachern  01-May-2015
Christmas on Coronation Street by David Crighton

Thanks ! I love Coronation street !  Linda Beattie  winner on #TBT contest 30-April-2015

Convocaton Hall, U of T, Toronto by David Crighton

Brings back old memories.  FB Fan commenting on Education Collection of UOFT

Coronation Street by David Crighton

Hello David,
Yes I received the cards.  The Coronation Street cards are awesome looking.  I will certainly look forward to purchasing the large Corrie Street .  Thank you for the extra gift of a sample of your calendar pictures and the St. Lawrence Market card.  They were delivered in great shape and time.  Looking forward to making it to your gallery one day.  Thank you.
Cynthia Humenny

"Hi David, Yes I have received my print and I'm very happy with it I posted pics of it hanging in my living room. Thank you very much, I wil grab old Chicago next,then the rivoli....they are actually part of my youth, my 20's .... In October ill be adding to my newly found collection."

~ Yours in health and fitness, Michelle Badge

"Hi Pamela, Yes, I did receive my gorgeous David Crighton print: Old & New City Hall #1. It's wonderful! I love that it's got all the work done to make it ready to hang! I just wish I had listened more carefully to you & had Jim & Claire's name put on it somewhere. But I am pleased that it's signed. Many thanks for a fabulous Christmas present!"

~ Cheers, Evelyn Hazzard

"Dear David, Thank you for sending me the terrific samples of your work. You sure have a love & respect for Toronto. You make people feel good by the comforting images of good ole T.O. I am hoping to at the very least order a print that catches my fancy & my heart. The calendar is a must and so are Christmas Cards. You really do have such an insight into blending meaningful Toronto locales. Toronto is a vibrant & magnetic city and you sure do her justice. Thank you, Valerie."

~ Val Heaton

"David, I love the contrast of this print, with the black and white body and the coloured sign. My 'Goof' print is the same. I was at The Elmo the night before you were in '77. April Wine did a sound check show the night before, and I won tickets from CHUM. This picture brings back those memories. I should add it to my "collection".

~ Bryan Suddard

"Just wanted to let you know that we received the art print on Friday - it is BEAUTIFUL (the pictures shown on the website definitely do not do it justice!) My daughter absolutely loves it. Thank you once again for all your help and ensuring that the print was delivered so quickly."

~ Julia Maturi, Mom of U. of T. Graduate

"I have known David since 1997. Each and every piece I have commissioned is a statement to the excellence he brings to the table in his craft. Everywhere I go in Toronto I either see his artwork hanging in or see places that he has painted which reminds me of the impact David has had to the Toronto art scene. Suffice it to say that David is an icon on the Toronto landscape. Thank you David for bringing so much to so many people."

~ Quintin Johnstone, Retired Police Sargeant, Toronto Police Force

"David's Toronto street scenes continue to provide the perfect gift for our retiring board members.”

~ Sandra Carr-Harris, Executive Assistant, Board of Directors, St. Michael's Hospital

"I was very excited to learn that I had won the 'David Crighton Art Print Of Your Choice' draw from The British Isles Show! There were so many wonderful pieces to choose from, it was difficult to settle on just one. Attached is a picture of the print I chose. We have had it framed and it now hangs beautifully in our dining room. Thank you so much!! We are overjoyed."

~ Debi Parker, Winner of Art Print, British Isles Show 2014

"I received the "Street" print from my Mom this Christmas and my brother got one as well! No pic to share as she is having them framed right away. Love your work , David Crighton. Happy New Year and continued success in your endeavors!"

~ Terri Kapcala Bainbridge, Collection and Facebook Fan

"Hi David, Doug gave me your gorgeous artwork of Coronation Street for Christmas! I love it!!! Tomorrow we're going to our local frame shop and then will be able to hang it in a place of honor in our home. Thank you for being so talented and sharing with us. Love Kathy"

~ Kathy Tasich, Collection and Facebook Fan

“I bought one ages and ages ago as a birthday gift for a musician friend. You kindly added his name to the marquee. Thank you, it was a hit.” “You are very welcome David. I have always liked your style since I first saw your work at the One of a Kind show, decades ago.”

~ Brenda Almost, Collector and Facebook Fan

"I bought the other Parliament Building print for my son who works on Parliament Hill and he has it in his office."

~ Deb Sheppard Lindenas, Gift Giver and Facebook Fan

"I've admired your artwork for a while now and eventually will have a Toronto print in my home here in the UK to remind me of my time living in Toronto. Thank you very much David."

~ Nikki Beresford, Surprised Facebook Fan (Her husband just bought one for her Birthday!)

"One of our most prized possessions. Thanks again, David!"

~ Dave Taylor, Custom Piece Owner and Facebook Fan

"I have two of them on my walls. One is a black and white of the flat iron building . The other has the old and new city halls with an old and new streetcar going by . I chose them because they are both iconic Toronto buildings . It was hard to choose just two - I love your artwork."

~ Lauren Blatt, Collector and Facebook Fan

"I have an original pencil drawing of David's hanging in my dining room (plus two prints). Have had them for over 25 years."

~ Leslie Ballentine, Collector and Facebook Fan

"Very glad that you returned to One Of A Kind this year. Missed your beautiful drawings. I have several black and whites of Toronto Victorian houses but The Street is by far my favourite. Never would have guessed that you are also a Corrie fan of 30 years. Love your work, hope you return next year."

~ Diane Reilly, Collector and Facebook Fan

"I have yet to see a picture of David's that I don't like. His work is amazing!"

~ Dianne Gow, Collector and Facebook Fan

"Love this print. I grew up just down the street from this Beaches landmark, and David has captured the soul of this building in his work. This would be the perfect companion to my print of The Goof, which just happens to be located across the street from The Fox."

~ Bryan Suddard, Collector and Facebook Fan

"Your art is amazing!"

~ Susie Cabral

To be honest, there are 3 or 4 testimonials a day...we can't keep up!  There could be a full time job for someone just posting and telling the stories of our collectors and followers.   Check out our Testimonials page on Facebook and I'll try to keep adding these as I go as best I can!  ~ Pamela  :)
The Annex by David Crighton (With new Art work for Lynn Siuda)

I want to thank David for this gorgeous commissioned art work of the Annex neighbourhood in Toronto. We are overwhelmed with how beautifully it turned out. I wanted to surprise my husband with this art work as a 25th wedding anniversary gift, showing places that have special memories for us. We both grew up in the Annex, met and married there. David was able to add our favourite florist & JJ Muggs from the seventies/ eighties. This will always have a special place in our home to share with friends and family. Thank you Pamela for your great customer service . ~Lynn Suida

To be honest, there are 3 or 4 testimonials a day...we can't keep up!  There could be a full time job for someone just posting and telling the stories of our collectors and followers.   Check out our Testimonials page on Facebook and I'll try to keep adding these as I go as best I can!  ~ Pamela  :)