David's First Architectural Illustration - the one that started it all....

David Crighton Art


My pattern was to work at home at a wooden drafting table I had setup in the basement. It was there that I sketched and stippled for over 40 hours to create my illustration. Little did I know then, but this was to become my way of working for the next 40 years.

Yorkville 70s David Crighton Art

Getting the shape of the building down, is the aspect that takes the most brainpower and is also the stage where you hate everything! The mechanical pencil was my weapon of choice to sketch, erase and sketch again, until things looked the way you want them to look. But when you exit that stage, that is when the long hours start. Filling in line and texture using my handy Rapidograph Koh-I-Noor pen took hour upon hour of dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, each dot perfectly placed to create the right shade.

David Crighton Art Illustration Pen and Ink

This part is not stressful. In my case I put on an LP probably the Beatles or the Rolling Stones and set down to work. This part was great. I could do it for hours and was going to! If you don't remember, a rapidograph (Kooh-i-Noor was the brand I had) was a fine tipped pen using an ink reservoir.
rapidograph pen and ink toronto artist david drighton
The problem was, these things were temperamental. Always clogging drying and sometimes even sending out a puddle of unexpected ink. Things often got messy. But I got into a rhythm and worked late into the night several evenings in a row. After 40 some hours of this I had the first illustration that I was really proud of.
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