Toronto Neighbourhoods Wall Art | Sandal Man in Toronto, Ontario by Artist Illustrator David Crighton Art

David Crighton Art

Toronto's Sandalman_‹_ , affectionately known as _‹Ða guy in a store that fixes leather,can fix your treasures right up. He reconditions, mends and dry-cleans all types of leather garments and handbags, relines jackets and reupholsters furniture. And he does it using an environmentally friendly cleaner.

Crightonism: Cory "Sandalman" commissioned me to create this illustration of his shop and it's become his brand. I see it on TTC buses all over Toronto when riding my bike and I get right up close and personal in heavy traffic. It's always a rush to see it I look at the back of every bus I see and half the timeIT'S THERE :) Here's a photo sent by my brothe who drives a CAR :)

Type: Wall Art

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